The Angel from Dark Matter

This work was inspired by the Masaccio painting The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden. This was a metaphor for humans losing their connection with God by tasting the apple of knowledge.
In the day and age of the celebrity physicist there is a distain directed towards the human experiential life and a certainty in the infallibility of the scientific method.
Recent advancements in astrophysics are the concepts of dark matter and dark energy. These are thought to comprise 95% of what we used to call empty space.....other than that nothing is known. We dont know what it is like, what it interacts with, or why it exists. I use the term dark matter/energy to symbolize God.
The crows symbolize our journey into a Godless state. Every culture has a mythology surrounding crows or ravens. In European and American Indian mythology they are harbingers of doom.
So the question I am asking here is that as we trade science for the deeply personal aspects of human experience like love, spirituality and connection, are we better for it ?
Technically the work is sculpted in a Hellenistic stylization.

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