Figurative sculpture Diane Downs

"The Mask of Diane Downs"

Diana Downs attempted to kill her three children, she felt that by this act her lover would accept her......the legion of La Llorona is Dianes story. La Llorona was a beautiful woman who killed her chrildren for the man she loved, she drowned them, then went to him. He was horrified and rejected her. At that point she was doomed to wander, vainly searching for them for all eternity, constantly weeping. La Llorona is Spanish for "The Crying Woman"

For the last six months I thought and dreamed about them. This is the vision that came to me...a dark mask....with empty eyes...the hair was now parted in the center evoking evil....The base is empty but for the toys of her lost children....I don't think Diane is evil, but rather evil is something like cancer that grows inside us... it's like a mask we wear.

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